Group Therapy

The Bridge Group Therapy:

In addition to individual counseling, The Bridge facilitates many group therapy programs. Many programs are offered on-site and others meet at area schools and are in partnership with schools.

These Programs Include:

  • Sparcs
  • Peer Connections

The Bridge Group Services


SPARCS stands for Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress.

The focus in SPARCS is on helping participants cope with current stress in their lives.

SPARCS is a great evidence-informed therapy for teens that might benefit from learning additional coping skills for the stress in their life.

SPARCS is completely present-focused, so no past experiences are discussed except during individual assessments prior to beginning groups.  If a young person tries to discuss a past experience in the group, the therapist will quickly bring the topic back to how someone is being affected in the present moment or how they are using the skills taught.

Peer Connections

Peer Connections is a 8 week pro-social group for boys and girls ages 8-12.

The group covers the issues of:

  • Dealing with feelings (feelings identification and emotions management)
  • Dealing with stress (deep breathing and positive self-talk)
  • Friendship skills (initiating conversation, joining in, and maintaining friendships)
  • Conflict resolution (anger management and problem solving skills)

Time: Tuesdays from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Cost: Based on ability to pay.

Contact: Ashley at 847-485-3071.