Meet Justin: Associate Board Vice Chair

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September 9, 2021
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October 5, 2021

Meet Justin: Associate Board Vice Chair

The Bridge is fortunate to have invested volunteers in many capacities at our agency. Justin came to The Bridge and brought fresh new views and ideas to our Associate Board. As a natural leader, Justin made a positive impact on the group right away and was recently elected as the Associate Board Vice Chair.

Meet Justin Evans, Vice Chair of The Bridge Associate Board. A Contract Coordinator at Abbvie, Inc. who holds a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law and a Masters in Cancer Biology from Vanderbilt University, Justin joined the Associate Board last year and quickly stood out as a leader.

He decided to seek out an active role in expanding mental health access when he noticed his niece’s generation being more vocal about personal and interpersonal hardships they were facing. “I heard her speak on her issues she was dealing with from a mental standpoint, and I realized there was an access gap that existed. And from that access gap, I was looking around at different orgs that were addressing the different issues where I could donate. And I came across [The Bridge Associate Board] and I said ‘Wow, I can give time and funds.’ And that’s pretty much what led me here.”

When asked what skills he thinks he brings to the Associate Board, Justin brought up his unique perspective. “Having that fresh perspective—something as small as that can help fuel certain solutions or target certain demographics that don’t necessarily have access. It just brings a different perspective, based on my training, to think of things that might not normally be conceived of.”

As a member of The Bridge Associate Board, Justin not only volunteers his time attending meetings–he also volunteers at our annual fundraising events. Reflecting on the most recent event, Justin shares that he is excited for a new era of The Bridge under the direction of newly appointed Executive Director Kris Salyards. “Coming to the golf event and speaking to some of the people on the board and meeting [everyone] face-to-face and speaking to Kris and seeing what her vision is for the organization I think was a selling point for me. I know this a great org, but to hear the direction itself I think really solidified it for me. I love the work that you guys are doing. And I hope that you guys continue this. And I hope to be of any use that I can be while on the board.”

As for his own future, Justin plans to continue his involvement with The Bridge and would like to eventually sit on our Executive Board. We thank you, Justin, for all that you do!

To support the work of Justin and the rest of our Associate Board, consider buying a shirt through the fundraiser they are organizing on behalf of The Bridge.

The Bridge is grateful for all of our volunteers that assist in our different programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, see all opportunities here. We are always looking for individuals and corporate groups to volunteer with our agency.