Meet Hiba: Associate Board Treasurer

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September 29, 2021
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April 6, 2022

Meet Hiba: Associate Board Treasurer

The Bridge is fortunate to have invested volunteers in many capacities at our agency. Hiba came to The Bridge and great energy and direction to our Associate Board. As a natural leader, Hiba made a positive impact on the group right away and was recently elected as the Associate Board Treasurer.

Meet Hiba Chaudhry, Treasurer of the Associate Board. She currently works as an Operations Specialist with Clearwater Capital Partners and sits on the committee for their charitable foundation; it was at their auto show benefitting The Bridge where Hiba was introduced to us. “I personally love kids. I never got to commit to something like [The Bridge] when I was in college and working fulltime, so now that I’m not in school and I came across [the Associate Board]. This is the perfect start and I’m hoping as the years go by, I continue to grow, and I can be more involved than what I already am.”

Hiba is ambitious and always on the journey for personal and professional progress: “My goal is always to grow—whether that be in my personal life, in my career, being part of The Bridge. I always want to do more and better as the years go by. As far as The Bridge, I’m hoping that the more involved I get I can be part of it more and give as much as I can back.”

She is most excited about helping with events and social media campaigns after volunteering at the Golf ‘Fore’ Youth golf outing and fundraiser and helping to plan the current ‘It’s Okay’ shirt selling campaign, “So far this year we’re already doing something new that hasn’t been done before. And then next year when we have more time and we’re more familiar with the people, what we can and cannot do—I’m super excited about what we CAN do!”

When asked what her favorite thing about being on the Board was, she responded, “When I see and feel this positive energy from everyone on the Associate Board. People want to be there and help as much as they can, so they’re bouncing ideas off each other, and not just one person says something and everyone agrees just to agree. The fact that everyone is there and trying to make anything and everything better–I love that.”

Hiba brings energy, fresh ideas, and a positive attitude to every Associate Board meeting. We thank you, Hiba, for all that you do!

To support the work of Hiba and the rest of our Associate Board, consider buying a shirt through the fundraiser they are organizing on behalf of The Bridge.

The Bridge is grateful for all of our volunteers that assist in our different programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, see all opportunities here. We are always looking for individuals and corporate groups to volunteer with our agency.