Alyssa’s Story

Kathryn’s Story
March 26, 2020

Alyssa’s Story

Content warning: Self-harm, suicide

Alyssa was in 8th grade. She was severely depressed and thought that life was pointless when she decided to walk into the middle of traffic–attempting to end her own life. She scarcely escaped getting hit by a driver who then called the police and took her to the hospital. As she was discharged, her mom received information that referred the family to The Bridge for necessary follow-up counseling.

During her first session, our therapist learned that although it was only Alyssa and parents in the home, there was still a lot of strife, marital issues and it was a very volatile household. Alyssa continued to struggle with depression, anxiety and was again hospitalized–this time because she had turned to cutting and self-harm. She returned to therapy, was connected to our contracted psychiatrist, Dr. Feld who along with our therapist assessed and consulted on the best route for treatment and medication. Alyssa continued to be a client for 5 years at The Bridge with the goal to become self-sufficient and find other ways to cope with her depression by the age of 18. 

Last May, she attended her first school dance, the senior prom, and went on to graduate from high school. This past summer she was working as a camp counselor and in September, she started her first year at Harper College. Alyssa has always really excelled at art and would often find that was her escape from her depression and anxiety. She continues to see Dr. Feld for sessions and medication management and now realizes that there is more to her than her mental health challenges and a greater plan for her. She is truly a success story.