Allison’s Story

David’s Story
March 26, 2020

Allison’s Story

Content warning: Challenging family situation, homelessness, depression

Allison lives with her mother and two older brothers. Her mother has a physical disability and her dad has recently moved away, leaving her family in financial distress. This has acted as a trigger for Allison who sought out counseling to help her understand the situation. 

With her father now out of the picture and mother unable to work a full-time job, Allison’s family lost their home, causing them to move in with a family member. Losing their home was difficult for Allison, who began experiencing symptoms of depression and trouble managing her anger. At school, she shared with her teacher that she had interest in seeking therapy to address her emotions regarding her family’s homelessness and her frustration with her mother for her inability to financially support them.  

Once Allison began seeing a counselor at The Bridge, they started working to address the reported symptoms and identifying how her thoughts were impacting her emotions and behaviors. They worked on techniques for her to express her emotions in a healthy manner. With encouragement from The Bridge counselor, Allison and her mother began to spend more quality time together. They focused on improving their communication and increasing their comfort level through small steps.

Today, Allison is working toward being able to vocalize her emotions in a healthy manner and establish a better relationship with her mother.