One Intervention, Big Impact!

Make a big impact in your community–support The Bridge and our mental health interventions!

Each young person we see for mental health care at The Bridge has experienced different difficulties in life, so unique interventions are required to help each of them heal. We help promote social and emotional health throughout the community by providing family stabilization services, comprehensive counseling, non-traditional therapies, and mentoring–regardless of families’ income or insurance status.

The Bridge offers an array of services that helps target the intervention that will help each of our young clients heal. We can only provide these services to those who need them most—regardless of ability to pay–because of donations made by generous community members.

We are the intervention, but your donation provides the big impact!

Curious what your donation does at The Bridge?

$10 allows a middle schooler access to a group therapy session

$25 buys art supplies for alternative therapy

$50 provides safe transportation for a locked-out teen

$100 covers the cost of a mentor group outing

$250 means further training for our counseling team

$500 furnishes a counseling room

About Bridge Programs:

Our Family Stabilization team works 24/7, 365 days a year to assist youth who are locked out, have run away, or are experiencing family crisis. Using a trauma-informed lens, our team responds to youth in need, helps de-escalate and repair the crisis, then supports families through longer-term healing needed to prevent re-occurring crisis in the future. The Bridge prides ourselves on a 97% success record of separation prevention and successful deflection from Department of Children and Family Services (temporary custody) and Juvenile Justice (detention center) placement.

The Bridge Counseling Service models a community mental health center providing long-term counseling services to children and families who seek services to help cope with trauma, grief and loss, divorce, and post-pandemic social adjustment using traditional talk and psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapies, and a myriad of other interventions proven to treat depression, anxiety and other symptoms leading to poor emotional health.

Individualized support for young people through non-traditional therapies is offered as well. In the last year, The Bridge has provided yoga, equine and animal therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and play therapy sessions to kids and teens of all ages. These types of therapies offer new ways for our youth to express themselves, talk about their experiences, find comfort, and learn coping mechanisms that will help them succeed.

Mentoring is a unique service provided to young people aged 11-15 who need additional positive role models to keep them motivated, engaged, and participating in pro-social life activities. The Bridge mentoring program targets youth who may be vulnerable and/or at risk of school dropout, drug use, and/or police involvement. Youth participants are paired one-on-one with adult mentors and participate in group activities with other young teens.