The Bridge administration and staff are dedicated to helping kids and families overcome challenges and trauma to lead happier more successful lives.

Diana Ballard, Crisis Intervention Counselor
Stephanie Beck, Child and Family Therapist
Amrit Singh, Evening Receptionist
Liz Dobrzynski, Prevention Specialist/Mentor Program Coordinator
Alana Flatley, Director of Development
Tiara Goodwin, Development Associate
Katie Henegan, Child and Family Therapist
Aaron Johnson, Crisis Intervention Counselor
Nancy Kukankos, Supervisor of Prevention and Volunteer Services
Pat Kulma, Secretary/Receptionist
Judith Legorreta Hernandez, Child and Family Therapist
Selene Mehta, Supervisor of Counseling Services
Jodie Meyers, Crisis Intervention Counselor
Danielle Miller, Administrative Assistant
Heather Mlynek, Program Manager/Crisis Intervention Supervisor
Kathy O’Hara, Senior Child and Family Therapist
Courtney Renwick, Crisis Intervention Counselor
Gregg Stockey, Executive Director